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Our Social Entreprenuers

For centuries, women have been confined in four walls of the house, debarred from having their own identity. They have been victims of familial confinement, yearning to free themselves from the clutches of patriarchy. With our project, we decided to break the stereotypes and create a new powerful identity "the woman of the house".

Project Utkarsh employs hardworking, ambitious and compassionate women from the underprivileged and often neglected sections of the society who otherwise, were subject to various patriarchal stereotypes. These women weren’t given an opportunity to get an education and become financially independent. After getting married at a very young age they were restricted to domestic work and taking care of the family.


I have been able to save money to build my own house and provide for my family. I am looking forward to earning and supporting my husband in managing the house with the help of project Utkarsh

Chanda Srivastava, a social entrepreneur under Project Utkarsh

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