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Our Story

Enactus Aryabhatta, a part of Enactus global, is a student run, social entrepreneurship organization which has been working for social welfare since it was established in 2016. 

Since its inception, Enactus Aryabhatta has been working to promote the vision of creating a better and more sustainable world by engaging the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in using innovation and business principles to improve the world. 

Now, with a family of 150+ members including our beneficiaries and student entrepreneurs, we have successfully established and are running 3 active projects.

Project Utkarsh was founded in 2016, with an aim to bring down gender biasness, food wastage and unhealthy eating habits among youth. Through Utkarsh, we have successfully tackled the above mentioned problems by employing underprivileged women to manufacture 'Veggitos', which is a healthier snacking alternative manufactured from unused portions of fruits and vegetables which are procured from juice shops or Safal outlets. 

Farm Illustration

Project Utkarsh has turned the lives of its beneficiaries for good and has helped them find a sustainable source of livelihood in something that they already mastered, i.e, cooking. Underprivileged women, who were once confined to the four walls of their houses, are now rising and have established themselves as the 'woman of the house'. Through Utkarsh, we have positively impacted the environment by reducing food and water wastage. Today, our women entrepreneurs have saved over 90,000 gallons of water and 1,200 kgs of wasted food by manufacturing a healthier snack, leaving a positive impact on the environment and society. 

'Veggitos' come in three lip smacking flavors i.e, carrot, beetroot and spinach, possessing all the goodness of these vegetables, thus making a healthy, flavourful and satiating snack all at once!


Today, after 4 years of enabling progress and impacting lives through Project Utkarsh, we aim to sustain it by developing it into a self help group, thus creating a life long and sustainable source of livelihood for our women entrepreneurs. 

The first objective is to aid women who have been the victims of destroyed dreams and suppressed aspirations. With Project Utkarsh, we aim to further this movement by freeing them from the shackles of patriarchy by helping them be financially independent. This not only will help lift their economic status, but will also help them break free from the social subjugation that they have been facing since the days of old.

We also aim to fight another issue that has spread alarmingly in the recent years- food wastage. Over 50,000 crores worth of food is wasted every year in our country, an amount bigger than the GDPs of almost all the countries facing acute starvation. By reclaiming the discarded parts of fruits and vegetables, which have astonishingly high nutrient content, Utkarsh aims to tackle the issues around and concerning food waste. Not only do these discarded parts act as the base for our product, but also help in maintaining the fragile ecosystem we live in.

The third tangent that Utkarsh focuses on is the pressing issue of increase in unhealthy eating habits among the youth today. Our products use healthy ingredients such as vegetable pulp and corn flour Keeping health of the consumers in mind, our products are baked and not fried. By replacing the unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour and oil, we promote healthy and clean eating habits





 Project Utkarsh brings forward an ideal solution for the aforementioned problems by employing underprivileged women who saw and believed in the potential of our project. We convert the unutilized portion of fruits and vegetables into delectable, savory, and healthy wafers- VEGGITOS. Utkarsh has been empowering women burdened with domestic hardships and promoting healthy eating habits by introducing a nutritious alternative to fat-ridden potato chips. Through their consistent efforts, the student-led team of young entrepreneurs worked with numerous nutritionists to ensure the best product was provided to the customers. As a result, food waste is reduced, and a healthier snacking alternative to unhealthy fried chips with high trans-fat content is developed., savory, and healthy wafers- VEGGITOS.

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